The Oregon Trial: Settler for PC Download on Windows 7/8

The Oregon Trial: Settler in the newer version of the Oregon Trial game and You must try the Oregon Trial: Settler game on Computer. In case you did like the older version you should definitely try the new version either on your smartphones or your computers. To get the game on your pc just follow the guide below.

You may not have played or heard about the Oregon trial: settler game before but in case you want to be familiar with the features of the game before getting it for your mobile and computer, you will find some excellent features of the Oregon trial: settler game below steps.

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Steps to Download he Oregon Trial: Settler on PC :

  • To install the Oregon trial: settler game you will initially have to download an android emulator on your pc. The top most android emulator available to you is Bluestacks and you will find this emulator easily on its official site.
  • After you have gotten the .exe file you will need to install the software and then launch it once installation is successful.
  • Once the Bluestacks emulator window crops up you need to look up for the Oregon trial: settler game by typing its name in the search bar present at the top of Bluestacks.
  • You will have to pick one search result you feel is correct and click on the install button placed on the right side of that search result. There will loads of search results available.
  • Now a few installation steps will appear just follow them correctly and then leave it to Bluestacks to download and install the Oregon trial: settler game automatically to your pc.
  • After the Oregon trial: settler ¬†game has been installed to your computer you will just have to head over to the My Application option in Bluestacks and click on the Oregon trial: settler ¬†icon to run the game.

oregon trail game for computer

Features of the Oregon Trial: Settler Game :

The Oregon Trial: settler game is all about having loads of fun and also an adventure. In this game you will have to build your own town in the beginning. The Oregon trial: settler provides you with an excellent opportunity to set up your own town. You will have the chance to create one of the best towns in the Wild West.

You will have to find ways to attract other people to your town so that they can come and settle in your town alongside you. You will have to build various buildings and shops so that all the goods that are needed for everyday use are available in your town.

You will also have your own farms on your land through which you can easily grow and harvest your own crops. Growing crops and harvesting them will allow you to exchange it for other necessary resources or you can even sell them.

In case you want a change in your character you can customize it by opting for different costumes. There are loads of outfits available in the game that you can try on. You also need to remember to visit the other villages in the Wild West and seek their help for your town

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